Shortly after ending “Rilla Go!” Promotions, Poom Entertainment has announced news of DGNA planning to kick off the new year with another comeback. It was revealed DGNA are in the midst of preparing to show their strong vocals through a ballad single release.

All five members are known to be skilled singers. Despite each member’s unique vocal characteristics, the differences in their voices in their voices don’t hinder the group at all; in fact, they blend together very well. Even Jay and Injun, the two rappers in the group, are outstanding vocalists.

Just days after their debut, they performed covers of well known ballads such as Noel’s “Propose” and 4men’s “Confession”. Their exceptional vocals and harmonizing skills caught the attention of many who rewarded them with the nickname “Vocal-(I)dols.”

Sadly, luck has not been on their side. As many fans may know, the five members of DGNA started out in the rotational group XING (which is also the group other Kpop artists such as Kevin of U-Kiss, former U-Kiss member Kibum, and B2ST’s Junhyung started out in), but unlike their ex-members, DGNA have gone through a plethora of hardships since their debut but with little recognition of their talent by the public. After leaving Korea for overseas activities in Japan just months after debuting, though they were able to gain more fame in Japan, repeatedly rising to the top ten in the Oricon charts, they were soon forgotten in Korea. During their previous showcase, the members have even spoken about how much they struggled to decided whether or not continuing as DGNA would be the right thing to do.

In the end, the five vocalists humbly took the stage once again with renewed determination. And of course, like always, they’re planning to work even harder to provide fans with better music and to be able to leave their legacy imprinted in musical history.

Source: Star Daily News
Translator: master_0304 @ Cosmorion
Editor: Kaye @ Cosmorion