Thanks To Messages


Thank you to all of my family members, whom I love, who gave me strength.
And our staff family, CEO, director, Jieun nuna, Hyoseob hyung, Eunkyung nuna, Dongyeob hyung, and Jisoo, you all worked really hard.
And President Han, for always supporting(?) me/us, I love you. And thank you, DS Entertainment CEO Kwon Jungwoo, for always cheering for me.
Since I had so many friends going crazy and saying they’d buy our album, I’ll refer to you all collectively as “friends.”
Thank you, friends! And members.. These are the words I’m always too shy to say. I love you! Keke
And lastly, I really love you, Masters. You guys must have suffered a lot¬†because of us foolish DGNA. Let’s get up together! Again, I thank everyone.


First off, I’d like to say thanks to CEO Park for helping us make this album, our Poom Entertainment staff, Maxx Hyung for giving us a great song, and the DGNA members.
I admire my father, who’s now in Heaven, for always telling me that even though there are a lot of bends and curves in life, for every hardship you win over in life, you gain an even brighter future.
Thinking you’ll be watching over me, I’ll work even harder. I always say this, but I want to also say thanks to DBSK’s U-Know Yunho sunbae for making me choose to become a singer.
To my family and relatives who supported me emotionally, I’m always thankful, and I love you. I think the time we spent making this album was the most fun and the most difficult time than any other for me.
Because it was the first time creating something with the strength of all five members. Of course, at first, I was really afraid. The first steps to anything are bound to be nerve-wracking and worrisome.
There were several hardships, but I think we were able to create a great product by the members and the company staff clustering together as one and working hard.
If you say it’s a lot, we’ve released many albums up until now, and honestly, I think this is the first album I’ve grow this attached to.
Because many people have waited and worked on this, I hope everyone who listens to the album will think of it well.
We’ll become a DGNA that works hard in all aspects not only for this album, but for future [albums] too. Masters, and everyone else, please take care of us and thank you. I love you.


Thank you to my parents and God for letting me be born. Enjoy your life!!!
Ultra Super Park Heangryul CEO, Uncle Hyun Junho Director, Mom Yeon Eunkyung Section Chief, Drunk (?) Hyoseob hyung, right-life Child Dongyeob hyung, Cockroach Kim Jisoo, Kkamdori Jieun nuna, Maosang, and staff!
And my teacher Maxx hyung!! Dr. Ann hyung!! Sungchan hyung, you look good with your hair cut, and Maxx hyung, don’t grow your beard down to your neck….
And our members ^^ Thanks you believing in me!!! Lastly, Masters, you’ve suffered a lot waiting [for us]! I love you!!!


I always say this, but this reminds me of previous memories. We worked on this album very hard in with the meaning of making it ourselves and preparing it ourselves.
It’s not a simple comeback album; for us, it’s something comparable to a treasure, if put in words.
Thank you to CEO Park Haengryul and all the company staff members.
Sorry for acting as if I didn’t know you’re were having a hard time like along with me. And mom, dad, and my little sister, Chaeyeon.. I don’t think I ever got to tell you thank you or that I love you, so I feel like this time, I should tell you.
I love you. And above all else, to our members whom I’ve cried with and laughed with and shared pain with, I’m really thankful, and I love you.
To be honest, even though I’ve been closest to them, what I least understood, was my feelings for the members. And to Maxx hyung, who also went through a lot of hardships with ¬†us!!! This albums only exists because you always provided a stepping stone for us to create this great album.
Though there are too many individuals [to thank]… Instead of saying “thank you”, I’ll say “I’ll work harder.”
I want to express my thanks for this album’s songs and MV on stage. To everyone who always stood behind me and supported me, and our Masters, thank you.


I give my thanks to CEO Park Haengryul for allowing us to sing and make this album, the Poom Entertainment staff family, our music video director Maosang, and our members.
To my parents who give me all their strength, I’m really thankful, and I love you. And to our Masters, are there any word we can use to express our thanks [there are no words to express our thanks]? I’ll repay you with great performances.
And most of all, to our meaningful creation, everyone, cheers!


Source: Rilla Go! album

Translator: Sarah (master_0304) @ Cosmorion