매일 칼을 갈고 닦아
마치 대장장이처럼
점점 빨리 맘을 닫아
또내 가아닌것처럼

몇년전 나는없어
참는법 까먹었어
근대 알아줬으면해 지금나 뇌가 없어

아무도 몰~라
내기분 언제나같이
넌짓이 말해본
이길이 군대라면
나는바로 상병 말호봉인듯해 
주름질때까지 웃고 있어
이건니 가식웃음

마치 하외탈
그때처럼 난 해탈
이모든게 다내탓
그 기세가 언제까지 갈지몰라 
니마음속에 갈고리 지금바로꽉매달아

그게 내가원하는 정답
사실은 노답 
그래서 재미있잖아 
이 음악이 흘러가는 장단에 그냥 녹아 
개미와 배짱이처럼 방법이 달라

긍정적인 마인드 그게나를 보는 눈초리
없어젔어 가이드 바로잡는 나의 마음이
방법은 많아 
타이쓴처럼 귀를 깨물어 그리고 다물어
아프면 이를악물어 시간되면 알아서 아물어

스스로 일어서는 느낌이 익숙해젔어
그래서 달라젔어
내가흘린 땀에 절반은 어디로 갔는지 몰라 
무서운걸 알지만 미친척 무대위에 또올라

8년 =(이꼴)
2920일 이건공식과는 달라 
더하기처럼 답이 나와있지도 않아 
에디슨도못풀어 난 물어 
얼마나 공감하냐고 난 듣고또 울어

가끔은 이런 멜로디가 날 괴롭혀
내가 지내온 시간을 보면서 좌절감에빠저
가사를 써내 려가면서 날 이르켜
이렇게 말하면 속이 좀풀려서 그래

날따라와준 내팬 내가남겨준건 DEEP PAIN
없어젔어고통이젠 미안했어그땐후회
남는건 실력뿐 무대에서 보여줄께
짧지만 너희얘긴 빠지지않아 
그때처럼 등지지않아


I sharpen and clean [a / my] knife
As if I’m a blacksmith.
Little by little, I start closing up my heart/ending my feelings quicker
Like it’s not me.

The me from a few years ago is gone.
I’ve forgotten how to be patient.
But I hope you understand that the me right now has no mind/brain.

No one knows
The things my feelings hinted me.
If this road is [like] the military,
I feel I would be the corporal.
Smiling until wrinkles form,
This is your pretentious smile.

Like a haoetal [traditional Korean mask],
I take off my mask.
All of this is my fault.
I don’t know how long that vigor will last.
I. Don’t. Have. Time. And again it boils up.
Even if it’s today, realize.
The place in your heart I’ll go to, right now, I cling onto it tightly.

That’s the answer I want.
But in reality, there’s no answer.
But that’s why it’s fun.
Melt into the beat the music flows to.
Like a hardworking person and a lazy person, the way is different.

A positive mindset, that’s the looks I receive.
It’s disappeared, the guide that held a firm grasp on my heart.
But there are many ways to do that [hold a firm grasp on my heart].
Like [Mike] Tyson, it bites and clamps down on my ear.
When it hurts, I grit my teeth, and when the time comes, it heals on it’s own.

I’ve gotten used to the feeling of getting up on my own.
So I’ve changed
I don’t know where half my sweat [hard work] has gone.
I know it’s intimidating, but again, I go up on stage and [act] crazy.

Eight years = (in this state)
2920 days. In life, things aren’t set to stone.
It doesn’t even work out with an answer like an addition problem.
Even [Thomas] Edison can’t solve it. I ask
How much I’ll sympathize. I listen and cry again.

Sometimes, melodies like this gnaw at me.
When I think back on the times I’ve spend, I fall into a sense of frustration.
As I write down lyrics, I raise myself up.
Because when I say it like this [through lyrics], I feel better inside.

What I’ve left for my fans who’ve followed me is DEEP PAIN.
The pain is now gone. I’m sorry. I’m really regretful for then.
The only thing that remains is skill. I’ll show it to you on stage.
Even though it’s short, your [Masters’] stories won’t fall through. (x2)
Backs won’t be turned against you like last time.


Source: Injun’s Facebook 

Translator: Sarah / master_0304 @ Cosmorion