Note: some parts of the fanaccount have been omitted.

During one of the talk parts, Mika didn’t pay attention to when the others were talking and instead waved to the fans. When Karam and Injun called him out on it, he said that
he’s waving while listening. So they asked him to continue talking where Karam left off, but he had no idea what Karam had just said. Mika’s japanese is still not fluent either.

In the speech part during the first concert he didn’t remember what to say, and messed up an had to ask Karam to translate something from korean, and during the second one he had obviously practiced behind stage, but still got stuck on one part.

Jay tried to kiss Mika but Mika just frowned at him, but then he stepped closer and held up the towel he had around his neck and pretended to kiss Jay behind it.

They probably spent more time in the audience than on stage… During one of the songs, they threw signed balls into the audience, and I held one of Hyunmin’s in my hand but then another girl basically took it from me… but during the next song, Injun saw me and smiled at me so i wasn’t sad for that long.

Mika did an english solo just like last time, but this one fit his voice perfectly, it was amazing. Hyunmin did an amazingly powerful korean song. I’m pretty biased, but I liked Hyunmin’s solo the best. He has the kind of husky voice that sounds like it’s about to break when he strains it, but his range never cease to amaze me. He has an amazing voice and he doesn’t get enough credit for it.

And I have no comment for Injun and Jay’s duet except for the fact that it looked like they were wearing pj’s and that the song started with ‘throw your elbows up’, but now afterwards it kinda stuck in my head… they are both definitely good rappers. Karam did 私さくらんぼ in which everybody joined in eventually. Mika joined first, and Karam shouted Mikaram when Mika took over the singing. Mika was wearing a black dress and a variation of one of those judge wigs in the first live, and a curly red wig with a necklace as a crown in the second. Hyunmin had a monkey hat in the first live, and a human(?) one (one of those japanese ones that are bald in the middle) in the second. Injun was a bunny with ears and gloves in both, and Jay wore a fake nose and glasses in the second.

They all worn their alternated pink shirts in the end, and jay’s had fringes at the bottom. Hyunmin teased and was gonna remove his, but he had another one underneath, with a huge heart cut out so you could see his back.

They did a video skit with The Boss (minus Jay) hanging out, and Injun eventually mentioning that he has something cool, and then brings out a bag of (FAKE) guns.. Jay shows up as a zombie, and they start shooting him. But instead of dying or stumbling or whatever zombies do, he starts dancing when the bullets hit him.

2nd video skit was a hidden camera, where they were one by one lead into the basement and told to watch a video, in which they eventually would see a ghost.. Hyunmin got pretty scared but then greeted the female ghost politely… Jay slammed the computer shut and jumped up into his chair, Karam ran away from the computer and Mika actually fell off his chair… Injun started swearing I think, bc they blurred his mouth. During this video shoot, Hyumin hadn’t shaved.

When they mentioned that Hyunmin had worked on their comeback song, they all said they were happy bc they could blame him if it failed.

Source: kyuxkizuna@tumblr