Even though they resemble each other, they resemble each other too much. Single eyelids, narrow eyes, lean and sharp nose, and a charming voice. Actor Jeon Jihwan is surprisingly like a mirror image of Joo Jihoon. Same goes to his acting skills. As the child actor for Joo Jihoon’s role in the movie Good Friends, he even matched his eye gaze and displayed one-of-a-king acting skills.

“I grew up hearing I resemble Joo Jihoon sunbae a lot. About eight in ten people would say that. Out of coincidence, a few months before my audition, I met sunbae at a restaurant I went to for some tonkasu. He was sitting at the table right next to mine so I just blankly stared at him for 3~4 seconds out of amazement. When I spoke to sunbae about that day on our first day of filming at the set, he remembered. He said he told his manager who was there with him ‘teenagers these days are full of spirit,’ (smiles)”

[T/N: omitted – about movie and Jay’s role. It was covered in several other articles already.]

“Since this was my first commericial movie, I was really nervous until the release date. I wanted to hurry and watch it in theaters. The atmosphere at the filming set was really nice. It was to the point I started wishing the filming time would be extended. Good Friends is something that has a deep meaning to me in many ways. It was an honor to have worked with Director Lee Doyoon. The fact I filmed as Jeon Jihwan [real name] instead of Jay [stage name] has a lot of meaning also. I feel like I was able to show 100~ of me so I’m really happy.”

As Jeon Jihwan said, he’s been active in the idol group The BOSS under the stage name, Jay. The BOSS members are preparing for a comeback this September. Though this is an individual acting activity, he’s receiving lots of support from the other members. As soon as The BOSS is mentions, his eyes light up and he talks about the compliments he gets from the members. He’s establish himself with “singer Jay” and “actor Jeon Jihwan,’ and it sparks curiousity of his other dreams.

“Maybe it’s because I’m only 21 years old [Korean age], but there is a lot I want to do. I want to continue with singing and acting, but I would also like to learn an instrument. I want to write out a scene in a film myself, act it out, and compose and make music for the movie. If I think about the things I want to do, there is no end. (Smiles) So I don’t want to set a goal for myself. I want to build a lot of experience and open up more possibilities for myself.”

Source: Sports World
Translator: Sarah / master_0304 @ Cosmorion