“I am actor Jeon Jihwan, not The BOSS’s Jay.”

Jeon Jihwan (age 20) showed depth in his acting in his previous works such as Golden Generation – Coin Boy from 2009, Song of the Wind, and Bada (Sea). In 2010, he even debuted as a singer in The BOSS and with the two occupations, it was to the point people thought, “are they the same person?” as he showed a general color and matured during the past 5 years.

Jeon Jihwan filmed for a small bit of a independent movie and since it was his first time filming for a commercial movie, he put a lot of effort into his role. He showed passionate acting skills in the movie Good Friends with his role of Joo Jihoon’s child actor for the character Incheol.

“The filming for Good Friends Lasted about one and a hlf months. The last part was filmed in Busan and my [health] condition was really bad,” he told Newsen in a recent interview, telling a story of his one-and-a-half-month long filming.

“Right before the last filming, two of the members [of The BOSS] finished their musical in Japanese and came back. We we’re really glad to see each other again so we hugged a lot and stuck together. But it turned out the two members caught the swine flu (H1N1 virus). That night, I caught the virus too and had a fever of 40°C,” he explains.

“I felt sorry to ask to cancel the filming when there was only a three scenes left to film, so I pushed myself and finished one scene successfully. During the second scene, I fainted and had to take 2~3 IV fuilds before continuing,” he explains, showing his passion for acting.

“There are many people who start off as idols and then turn to acting. There are many good sides to this, but many people are biased. Of course it only makes sense for some to be biased because they aren’t kids who’ve acted,” he says, humbling accepting the views of the biased towards/against idol-actors.

“I want to set aside the differences. When I act, I want to do a complete 180 degree change from myself as a singer and immerse myself into actingm. I hope people will put aside the fact I’m an idol-actor and see me as just an actor,” he says, explaining that he wants to be seen as an actor, not an idol.

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Source: Newsen
Translator: Sarah / master_0304 @ Cosmorion