Joo Jihoon mentions The BOSS’s Jay (Jeon Jihwan).

During a recent interview by Star N with Joo Jihoon about his movie Good Friends at a café in Seoul, he says he [feels like he] resembles The BOSS’s Jay, who acted as the younger version of his role, Incheol.

The movie Good Friends portrays the growth from childhood to adulthood of three friends. It’s grabbed the attention of many not only because of Jisung’s, Joo Jihoon’s, and Lee Gwangsoo’s great acting, but also because of their counterpart actors.

Jeon Jihwan especially, who is acting as Joo Jihoon’s Incheol’s younger role, is showing off his synchronization with Joo Jihoon. Their visuals/looks are of course very similar no doubt, but he also portrayed the character “Incheol” very well – a pranksters who’s always doing things his way, but a character you can’t hate.

Jeon Jihwan is currently active as Jay in the idol group The BOSS, so The BOSS attended the VIP preview event for Good Friends.

On this day, as he said he and Jeon Jihwan resemble each other, he also mentions, “many other people around us think we look alike.”

However, he also humbly states, “Jeon Jihwan is only 21 years old and an idol, so saying that he and I resemble each other may put him in a bad mood.”

“Since Jihwan acted as the younger version of my character, he didn’t get to film together, but we saw each other during meetings or testings before filming. Our Jihwanie.” He add “our” before his name in an loving manner to show his affection for Jihwan and grabs the attention of many.

On the other hand, Good Friends, which draws the story of doubt and loyatly between three men caused by an accident, will be release on the 10th.

Source: Star N News
Translator: Sarah (master_0304) @ Cosmorion