The actors with the role of Jisung’s, Joo Jihoon’s, and Lee Gwangsoo’s characters’ younger selves have shown highly synchronized acting with their counterparts in Good Friends.

The movie Good Friends (directed by Lee Doyoon) is sparking lots of interest due to the leading actors and their counterparts’ visual synchronization.

The movie Good Friends portrays the growth from childhood to adulthood of three friends. Expectations are rising not only because of Jisung’s, Joo Jihoon’s, and Lee Gwangsoo’s great acting, but also because of their counterpart actors.

The three actors who have perfectly synchronized their acting with their counterparts are Baek Seunghwan (Jisung’s child actor), Jeon Jihwan (Joo Jihoon’s child actors), and Ham Sungmin (Lee Gwangsoo’s child actor).

First, Baek Seunghwan, who has shown his face in the films Run to the South, Silenced etc., has gotten the role for young Hyuntae. Even at a young age, Baek Seunghwan has shown impressive acting skills. In Good Friends, he received the role of Hyuntae and charismatically portrays a reliable, responsible, and strong character.

Jay of the idol group The BOSS has been casted to be the younger counterpart of Incheol, who’s a playful jokster. He has pulled off the role of troublemaker out of the three friends very well. The young Incheol Jeon Jihwan acted as likes to do everything his way and do as he pleases, but he is a character you cannot hate. With Good Friends being his third piece of work (in acting), he is gaining more experience as an actor.

Actor Ham Sungmin received the role of innocent, younger Minsoo. Ham Sungmin has shown stable acting since his debut in 2008, and he portrayed his character as the cutest and funniest of the three friends very well.

The movie is being said to emerse the viewers through the three younger characters’ resemblance to their counterparts.

Good Friends (directed by Lee Doyoon) will be released on the 10th and tells the story of three friends – Hyuntae (Jisung), Incheol (Joo Jihoon), and Minsoo (Lee Gwangsoo) – of 17 years and the conflict of loyalty and doubt that arises amongst them due to an accident.

Source: Newsen
Translator: Sarah / master_0304 @ Cosmorion