Both HAPPINESS @HAPPINESSPHC628 (Karam’s official fancafe) and Mikahole @_mikahole (Mika’s official fancafe) are really appreciative of all the help in raising funds for their respective birthday projects this year (^-^)!

[DISCLAIMER: These are events planned by fans for the members of THE BOSS. Though they are members of their respective fancafes, THE BOSS themselves have nothing to do with the planning and implementation of these events.]

Deadline for donations: Mikahole – June 10th, 2014 HAPPINESS – June 20th, 2014

Any left over funds will go towards other support projects for the respective members.

(Karam’s fancafe is currently looking into doing a large-scale event for Karam in the near future but this will require much support from the fans. Please consider in helping this event as much as possible.)

I know both of the web-masters in charge of the projects personally and can say without a doubt that they are trust-worthy and dedicated people.

As for me shar.k @89skim, I’ve been a fan of the members for 5 and a half years now and am well-known to the members, their staff, and their fans.

This is to reassure you guys that your money -WILL- be well-used in the support of the members and not for personal use.

If you are interested in donating, please send a minimum of $5.00 USD via PayPal to me, Shar.k, at and I will make sure to get it to the right people.

Please e-mail me your name, PayPal e-mail address, and the amount that you sent along with the name of which fancafe you are sending your support to my Google address at

Your support will be recorded and appropriately mentioned upon the implementation of the event.

As a memento of your support, donators who donate $10.00 or more will be able to recieve either: A) a random 대국남아 photocard courtesy of HAPPINESS (if you are donating to HAPPINESS) B) a sticker page of Mika courtesy of Mikahole (if you are donating to Mikahole – only 1 design. You may choose from these available colors. Blue-Red-Green-Black)

Additional Mika stickers can be bought for $3.00 each in addition to your base $10.00 donation (to either HAPPINESS or Mikahole) with the extra proceeds from the goods going to Mikahole.

Example: $10 → HAPPINESS = Random Photocard $10 + $3 → HAPPINESS + Mikahole = Random Photocard + Sticker (Choose color) $10 → Mikahole = Sticker (Choose color) $10 + $3 → Mikahole = 2 Stickers (Choose colors)

[Please provide your mailing address in this case and clear indication of where you want your money to go as noted in the examples.]

Thank you once again for all of your love and support!


Shar.K, Cosmorion S.Korea