“What did we do to come this far?”
Three men standing at the edge of loyalty and doubt.
A story of friends that has been twisted out of control.

The unique friendship shared between three men, Hyuntae, Incheol, and Minsoo.
Due to the disappearance of a large sum of money,
Hyuntae’s family dies and the accident falls into a maze.

Hyuntae, doubting the police and insurance company, starts an extensive investigation and requests for help from his friends, Incheol and Minsoo.
But then he starts to suspect the friends he once put all his trust into…

The BOSS’s Jay will be starring in the upcoming Korean crime movie, Good Friends, directed by Kim Doyoon. The movie will also be starring Jiseong, Joo Jihoon, and Lee Gwangsoo. It is planned to be released on July, 2014.

Source: Daum
Translator: Sarah (master_0304) @ Cosmorion