Initial greeting:
J: I wanted to meet everyone. did you want to meet? did you? (audience reacts) I do too. <3
K; Hello everyone! I’m Karam in the center (he must have been positioned in the center)
I: I’m Injun with the pink hair.
(Mika and Hyunmin’s initial greetings were omitted)

K: Everyone, I want to thank you so much for waiting for a year and coming tonight. I’ve enjoyed the live most up to now. Everyone! I love you!

Injun says they love their Japanese fans so much that they want to play (spend time) with everyone this year. He also says that because they received lots of love from everyone, even 10 years from now they would still want to spend time with them.

M: For Daikoku Danji’s future, I want to aim for that moment where you’ll say that we are a good team.

While everyone was talking, Mika appeared wanting to rest. of course everyone ignored.
M: listen to me you punks!! I’ve done so much already! (angry)
The members laughed at him. He was allowed to rest for 10 minutes.

Daikoku Danji Concert Report Part 2 (various tweets not in order of the full report)

(2nd) greeting:
H: I’m Daikoku Danji’s toilet cleaner Hyunmin!
J: Everyone! I completely forgot my name. (holds out ear to the crowd.)
Audience: JAAAAAYY!!
J: good evening everyone fufu.
K: Hi!!!!
Audience: hiiiii!!! (said it twice)
K:K!A!R!A!M! I’m Karam!!
Audience: hiiiii!! (said it twice)
I: I’m Injun hehe
(Mika’s greeting was normal lol)

H: Karam really likes big chests. lol
K: What do you mean by chests? You mean a person’s chest? If it’s genki, isn’t it fine ?
I: Soooo??? You like them right? Since you like them it’s okay for us to hear?
K: you’re attacking me. lol I said that I liked them, didn’t I?

Mika recently what…
M: I didn’t do anything….aaaahh no more!! (something probably happened lol maybe his members were touching his body? xDD)
Karam laughs
H: You didn’t eat anything, did you? (this is why I thought maybe they touched his body or something.
M: Haaaa? (in an angry tone)
Mika looked a little fat from yesterday, so he exercised to lose weight.

I:Hyunmin do you like those with big breasts?
H:I extremely like them <3<3<3.
I: does Jay like them?
J: I extremely like them.<3
K: does Injun like them?
I: Aaah~ I love them.<3 does Mika like them?
M: Well…I like them too.

Injun, which part of a female do you look at?
1!!FACE!! (said immediately lol)
4!Well…I wonder…breasts<3

Karam, which part of a woman do you like?
K: Something like cherry [colored] lips
I: Not the color of a sausage?
K: I like the color close to the color of Pollock roe
I: Mou lets stop his lol, we are creamy-K idols. This is inappropriate.

I: The 4 members wants to pee. According to their body posture, which blood type are they?
Reactions (from audience):
J: A Type “His legs are pretty<3”
M: B Type “His face is woman like!
H: AB Type “Uwah! his style is sexy!”
K: O Type (t/n: something about his big pupils blinking a lot? not sure.)

Karam “Mika is very grand-fatherly today lol”

Backstage introduction:
K: this way~! here is the men’s restroom. everyone uses it! And then here is the women’s restroom which we cannot enter!

Report End

Concert report source: @DGNA_CHARAM