140104 Sukira

Ryeowook thinks Mika is Japanese.

Mika does the kwiyomi song.

Hyunmin has most confident in this thighs, butt, and abs. (Body-wise)

Member most enthusiastic about work: Injun, Hyunmin, Karam

Member who is most stingy with their belongings: Injun, Hyunmin

Member who uses other member’s things a lot: Hyunmin

Member who gets mad easily, even at the snallest things: Hyunmin

Member who doesn’t get angered easily: Karam

Member who stays inside most and doesn’t like going out: Mika

Member who has the most secretsand doesn’t talk about them: Mika

Member who talks about girls the most: Karam

Member who is pickiest about a girl’s appearance: Hyunmin

Member who falls in love most easily: Injun

Member who would say their job is always top priority when if there’s a girl who likes them: Jay (chosen by members lol)

Member who always thinks they’re good looking and is full of himself: Mika (everyone)

Member who would find another job the quickest after leaving behind their singing career: Karam

Karam is the group’s peacemaker.

Hyunmin’s levels of happiness and smile:

1. You can see his upper teeth.

2. You can see his upper and bottom teeth.

3. You can see his upper and bottom teeth and gums

The BOSS sings “Ain’t No Sunshine” acapella.

The BOSS sings Super Juniors “Angel.”


Source: Super Junior Kiss The Radio

Translator: master_0304 @ Cosmorion