The BOSS’s Mika and Injun in the musical “The Bachelor’s Vegetable Shop”

Mika and Injun of the group The BOSS will be participating in the musical “The Bachelor’s Vegetable Shop.”


Mika and Injun will be performing on stage at the K-Stage-O in Tokyo start Feb 13th. Mika will take on the role of sexy but chic Jihwan and Injun, the group’s rapper and vocalist, will take on the role of passionate youth Cheoljin.


The company said “Mika and Injun showed off amazing vocals during the audition that surprised the judges” and “Their vocals and emotions really stand out and they’re very talented. They were casted because of their passion and potential and grow.”


Their Japanese skills are really goos and allow them to communicate with their Japanese fans without problem so their singing and ability to put emotion into their songs pop out in their ballads and dance songs.


Mika and Injun have said “We’re nervous to stand on stage as actors in a musical, but we’ve gained the confidence we’ll be able yo do as well as we put effort into it so we look forward to it. We’ll do our best and show every a really good side of us.”




Parts omited: about The Bachelor’s Vegetable Shop




Source: Nate

Translator: master_0304 @ Cosmorion