The BOSS’s Why Goodbye Comeback Story

The BOSS’s Showcase

After capturing the heart of many in Japan, Hallyu star The BOSS’s domestic comeback is with no doubt something both The BOSS and their fans have anticipated. They went to Japan right after their domestic debut and released 7 singles and 2 full length albums, all of which rose to the top 10 in the Oricon Daily and Weekly charts, which shows how popular they were in Japan. To show the appearances of the genuine hallyu idols, Winny K Star will give a sneak peek into The BOSS’s showcase and backstage and their activities.


The first “start” to their domestic comeback in 2 years was a showcase. You can tell how much effort they put into everything by watching their performances which showcased their stage manner which was molded and perfected through foreign stages, matured emotions, and stability – a group of 5 with 5 distinct colors. They spent a meaningful time on stage performing not only “Why Goodbye,” but also “Sad Story,” a side track in their album.


The BOSS’s Showcase: Backstage.

Making a comeback after such a long time, backstage of The BOSS’s showcase is a mix od nervousness and excitement. You can see the relaxed/freeness of The BOSS, who are on their 3rd year since debut, in the standby room, but during the showcase rehearsal, it went just as if it was the real deal and was full od sincereity. You could tell the confidence in The BOSS for their long-awaited comeback stage when they checked over even the smallest, insignificant things.


The BOSS’s Fan Sign Event

Not long after The BOSS’s “Why Goodbye” comeback, they held a fan signing event to meet with their fans in person. It seemed as if The BOSS and their fans, who cheered for them silently, were becoming close friends as they made eye contact with each other and small-talked. The BOSS were able to be happy because of this time of meeting their fans.


The BOSS: Lastly.

You can see the traces of The BOSS’s effort in their 2nd mini album to become more mature after receiving love as flowerboy idols. Debuting in 2010, The BOSS is spending their third year as an idol. They’ve decorated their stage with the keyword “mature” for their comeback. More than anything, they’ve set showing their own color as the most important part of their activities since it’s their first comeback in a long while, so they spent a lot of time deciding on the title song. We look forward to The BOSS’s new image as they’ve said this album is their new start in Korean activities.



Source: Winny K Star

Translator: master_0304 @ Cosmorion