They haven’t come to our country for a long time. What’s sweeter than that they haven’t forgetten Thai fans, is that they’ve proven they can remember fans’ faces! Fans who met them last time and also the new ones, they know them!

[Q: Please introduce the member who is sitting next to you.]
HM : Jay is the maknae. He is the most talented dancer and is sexy…but not as sexy as me (laughs). Please look forward to his sexiness.
Jay : Karam, he’s 23 years old. He is the cutest member of The BOSS. He’s good at dancing, too.
KR : Injun is the mood maker. He’s lively and has many talents like beatboxing.
IJ : Mika is the leader and Lead vocal. He looks serious and somber, but he is cheerful and lively when he’s with the members. He also helps motivate and lead us well.
MK : Hyunmin is the lead vocal. He’s a very cheerful person. He likes to cheer the other members up and improve their mood. His voice is quite charming.

[Q: If you could be another member for one day, who would you want to be?]
MK : I want to be Hyunmin. Our personalities are opposites. I’m the quiet one. Perhaps it’s because he’s talkative and playful, characteristics of his that I don’t have.
IJ : Hyunmin. I think too much and I stress out about even little things. Sometimes I think a lot until I’m exhausted. But Hyunmin is laid-back, he doesn’t think too much. This kind of life would be nice.
HM : Actually, I’m not thinking at all (laughs).
KR : I’d choose Hyunmin, too! Because our personalities are so very different. I’m a sweet, gentle person, but Hyunmin is very masculine, also because he has unique ideas. I want to be him for 1 day. I want to know what he feels.
Jay : I choose Hyunmin, too. Since we’ve worked together for so long, we know which types of music that we like in common and which ones we don’t. I was think people are born only once, one can compare them to rocks. Suppose I’m a white rock, I would try to be black rock…if I had the chance.
HM : Can I choose two? I want to be Injun and Jay. Since I came from another province in Korea, my accent is bad. I’ve been scolded very often about my accent. I’m Korean, so I want to speak Korean well like everyone else. (All of them are laughing) This must be Injun. And Jay, because he is good at dancing. Sometimes I want to show off my poses but I can’t, then it just looks weird (All of them are laughing again).

[Q: If you were given only one wish, what would you wish for?]
HM : Teleportation. My dream is to travel around the world. If I could teleport from one place to another, I could live comfortably. I could go everywhere.
Jay : 10 cm more of height for me (LOL). Please don’t ask me what my height is now, I don’t want to talk about it!
KR : I want a time machine. I want to go back to the past to see what went wrong, then I’ll fix it. If I change it ASAP, maybe the future will be better than ever.
IJ : I want a big house with lots of space. I’d create everything myself. I love to do promotional activities but I love to be alone, too.
MK : I want to own every musical instrument. Now, I’m practicing the guitar and piano. It’s too hard. Training hurts my fingers. But I think about how this is our career and I and should try to play musical instruments. We’re supposed to play all kinds of instruments.

[Q: If you were a girl, who would you want to be your boyfriend?]
All : (Respond immediately) NOBODY!
Jay : I’ll explain. It’s not a bad thing. But since we’ve been together for a long time, we know each other exactly, good or bad. If he were my boyfriend I’d ignore him because I wouldn’t be excited at all. There’s nothing interesting.
HM : But if I had to choose, I’d choose myself (laughs).

[Q: What’s something you like about Thailand]
IJ : Delicious food. Thai food is different from Korean food. In Korea, other food is changed to be like like traditional Korean food. You have to try it in Thailand to get the real taste. When we tried Tom Yam Kung for the first time, I thought the smell was quite strong. But now it’s OK. Except for Tom Yam Kung, we can eat all Thai food….AROI-MAK (“very delicious” in Thai).
MK : And the fans, we’re glad to be back and be received well by the fans who were waiting for us. Those of you who still came to see us, thank you very much.

[Q: You can recognize fans’ faces?!]
Jay : Yes, we can. When we came last time, there weren’t so many fans who’s faces we could remember. This time we met both old and new fans.
HM : I feel like Thai people are sincere. We haven’t released an album for 2 years. During that time, many new k-pop groups emerged. Our fans became fans of other groups, but come back to us despite having not met them for two years. I’m really impressed and grateful. Thank you very much.



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