The Boss, who became popular at Japan? comes back to Korea after 2 years and it’s exactly what fans have been looking forward to. The Boss debuted in Korea and started activity in Japan immediately. In Japan, their 7 single albums and 2 regular albums all ranked in the top 10 Oricon Daily and Weekly chart, and it showed how popular they are in Japan. The Boss wants to show themselves so Winny K Star will show The Boss’s Showcase. The Boss’s 2nd mini album show their effort to show how they change from flowerboys to matured man. The Boss who debut as younges idol in 2010 is already doing activities for their 3rd year. The Boss who started activities in Korea after a long time, set the stage with the keyword “Grow.” Above all things, this album is the album which was released after a long time. So, they put lot work on choosing a title song. We are looking forward to The Boss who have started album activities with determination about restarting in Korea.

Source: Winny K Star
Translator: 98JY @ twitter / Cosmorion