I’m Still Hungry, There’s No ‘Goodbye’ Again

Maybe they’re remembering 2002’s song “I’m Still Hungry” that touched all of our hearts by producer Heedink(?). Even after debuting 4 years ago, there’s still the hungry “The BOSS.” After going walking down a winding road, they’re back. Promising there will not be another goodbye, with their overflowing desire, they’re ready to set the “fire.”

After debuting in 2010 as the youngest group with an average age of 17.5, these boys have returned as “men.” To show his more masculine side, Karam cut off chicken from his diet and put lots of effort into self-improvement. Specifically, what are some things you did?

Karam: The reason I wanted to set a more masculine feel is because we’re doing activities in Korea for the first time in a long while so I wanted to show the fans a new side of me/us. I also tried to break free from the previous young concept. While dieting, I gave up chicken and picked up of a lifestyle pattern and became more healthy. We aren’t beastly idols like our 2PM sunbaes, but we expressed our own unique masculine side. Just about so we can peel 20,000 bananas in 3min.

Injun: And we worked really hard on Japanese activities for 2 years. Before then, we were young and the pool of music we listened to was very small. While doing foreign activities, we came across a lot of different types of music and further nutures our eyes and ears.

Which member has become the most masculine?

Injun: Hyunmin. Even before, he was the most masculine, but his masculinity grew as he started working out.

Hyunmin: I can reveal my abs whenever. And our maknae Jay, who lowered our average age a lot, has also become more mature.

Jay: Everyone has reached the age to be able to eat chicken and drink beer.

Another change was a change in your label/company. Is there any difference from your previous label/company?

Injun: Because Jo Sungmo sunbae and The One sunbae are with us, we get to hear lots of musical advice from them. They said that going on our 5th year since debut, 2 years isn’t much. They also told us don’t ever be discourages and always do activities with the same intentions as before.

Mika: The members talk very well. I agree with what was said before. (Smiles)

You must have received a lot of encouragement for this comeback.

Jay: Junjin sunbae!

Hyunmin: There was a time when it was personally a really hard time for me and all I would do was work out. One day, Junjin sunbae and I were at the same gym and after exercising, while drinking coffee, he said to me “hyung has experienced it all, but sometimes look around you and have some free time with the members. That’s what living is about.” I still remember it. “Only go foward. There’s no going back.” I’ll remember it well.

I was able to feel how much you missed the stage while listening to “Sad Story.” The lyrics “I sing this song for my eternal dream” left a very deep impression. How did it feel like right before going onto your first comeback stage?

Injun: That makes us happy. Lots of people are recognizing the meaning behind it. We edited the lyrics over and over again.

Karam: I thought I would cry, but maybe I wasn’t as hungry (yearning) for it as I thought. I didn’t cry. (Smile) Seeing the determination in the members’ eyes made me want to burn it all away.

You’ve sharpened your knife and came back with your title song “Why Goodbye.” Your music video was filmed as if it was a fashion pictorial. Was there any awkwardness or boringness from not having a certain setting?

Jay: We filmed for 2 days and 1 night so saying there wasn’t any awkwardness would be a lie.

Karam: Because the song was on the dramatic side, we talked to the director a lot.

Hyunmin: I trusted and followed the person who took our profile pictures. After finishing, it could have just end with a “you worked hard” but I’m glad we were able to get along with the director.

Your music video this time was black and white. If you could pick a concept for next time and you were to express it in a color, what color would it be?

Karam: White. If our debut was a shining white, I want a dandy white this time.

Hyunmin: I want to say green because it’ll be easy on people’s eyes (t/n: green is the color least straining on our eyes) but I feel like it’s be a bit hopeless on stage. I want to show that comfortableness and make people think “they’re really having a lot of fun” rather than syncronized dancing.

Injun: I think a passionate red would be nice too.

Mika: They keep making me want to just agree with them. (Smile)

I heard Karam and Jay participated in choreographing. How did it go?

Jay: I was contacted about it. Karam hyung and I have a lot of interest in dancing so we choreographed “What Are You” and “We Are Together” in our own style.

Karam: When Jay made the root, the other members would be part of the foundation and help.

You’ve included a diverse selection of songs for this album. In what type of situation do you think would go nicely with each song?

Jay: First off, “Why Goodbye” is uniauely lyrical. It’s a song that can comfort those who have just gone through a break-up.

Hyunmin: When you break up with someone, you can get really frustrated at the other person. Then, you can listen to “What Are You.”

Karam: When you’ve broken up with someone and think you may meet them again after getting yourself back together, it’s time for “Because of You.”

Mika: So when you become happy again, you can listen to “We Are Together” warmly.

Injun: But when you get bored along the way, you can listen to “Sad Story” and get past it. This song can be applied to lovers but the lyrics are about overcoming a tough situation and getting back on your feet. So I think it’ll be a good song stay calm and collected through the end of the year and the begining of the next.

That was very specific. Does the vocally talented The BOSS have a way to block Murphy’s Law (t/n: “anything that can go wrong, will go wrong”)?

Jay: If we have a performance, I never go to the bathroom no matter what. I always use mind control and I feel like if I used the bathroom, it’ll get washed down the drain so I always wait until afterwards to go.

Hyunmin: I always have to be in a happy mood and I have to be full. So right before going on stage, I eat everything I can

Karam: Just like Hyunmin can handle having an empty stomach, I can’t stand being sleep deprived. So the day before, I make sure I get 8 hours of sleep no matter what.

Injun: It seems to me that the days when my makeup is better than my hair has better results/is better.

Mika: I put ₩20,000 in my back pocket. The performances I’m always satisfied with are the days I have ₩20,000 with me. Even so, there’s not really anthing especially better about it. (Smiles) Maybe I’ve believed in coincidences for too long.

I’m sure you guys are like blood-related brothers now, but how’s dorm life?

Karam: A few months ago, I left the dorn and I live with my parents now. When I go back to the dorm after a while, it feel like going to visit a grandma living in the countryside because it smells like guys(?) and I’m welcomed. When we lived together, I was in charge of cooking and I’d always make what I wanted to eat.

Injun: Karam hyung used to make us omurice a lot and it was really good. The other members didnt really have a will to cook so I was satisfied.

Hyunmin: Why are you being like this? I make really good ramen.

Jay: That’s right. No matter what kind of ramen you give Hyunmin hyung, he always makes it very chewy and delicious.

You guy get a bit snappy but you guys seem very close. Do you have nicknames among yourselves?

Karam: I have 3 names. Park Deokjin, the name my grandfather put on my papers/family tree; Park Hyunchul, the name on my ID; and Karam, my stage name. And the members sometimes call me “Youngdong Bridge (Han river bridge) Visual.”

Injun: This won’t even come close to Park Deokjin but mine is “Yangga.” It (yanggareuma – t/n: combover hairstyle) was in style back when I was a trainee and somehow, I’m still “Yangga.”

Mika: The members call me “Gangnam Rocker” because I wore these really big sunglasses this one time because I have a sty.

Injun: There are lots of well dressed workers in Gangnam but Mika hyung was really eye catching.

Jay: I’m sort of in a similar situation as Mika hyung. I would press down on my hats all the time and I became “shephard boy thief.” It’s quite depressing. (Smile)

Hyunmin: I make up nicknames for myself and tell everyone to call me that and lately, I’ve been pushing for “Wolverine” from “The Wolverine.”

Now that you’ve all laughed, how about we go back to more seriously talk, shall we? You guys will continue stusying music, but what are you studying currently?

Injun: Hyunmin, Jay, and Mika were put in charge of composing and Karam and I were put in charge of writing lyrics. When Hyunmin hyung says he wants to do hip hop, I write rap lyrics for it.

Hyunmin: I’ve always had an interesting in instruments and arranging songs so when I listen to songs, I get the urge to rearrange the song into my own style and taste. Each year, the details I want to express change and it’s really interesting.

Jay: Me, I’m into drums and bass. I’m into things like dubstep that has a lot of electronic feel to it.

Mika: I’m into band music that has a melody that stands out, but I’m following the other members’ tastes and listening to lots of different genres. I make music that makes you think you’ve already heard it before. I think Hyunmin is best as expressing himself.

Jay: Like in driving, each member’s true personality comes out when composing.

Karam: I listen to music ranging from classical singing to pop. I bought equipment for composing but I immediately sold it again within a couple days. If you can’t do it, you have to give up. (Smiles)

What are you other hobbies of interests other than music?

Karam: Video games. We all played a bunch last year but lately, after ordering food, I play “Everybody’s Marble” while waiting.

Mika: I use cash(?). I can’t excerise so it doesn’t matter to me if I lose but I can’t stand losing in a game.

Injun: Ei~ For me, of course it’s movies. Even if it’s shown in the middle of the night, if I want to watch it, I have to go watch it for sure.

Then what movie and what song/music would you choose as the best you’ve listened to/watched in your life?

Karam: The movie Titanic and Jo Junghyun sunbae’s “Painfully Love You.” When I first saw Leonardo DiCaprio, I even copied his hairstyle. I wanted to become like him. And I auditioned with Jo Junghyun sunbae’s song.

Hyunmin: I felt really greatful when I watched Black and saw the blind, mute, and deaf girl. And I’m always touched when I hear my grandma sing the hymn “The One Who Saved a Sinner Like Me” (t/n: not sure if that’s the actuall English title. I’m not religious;;).

Jay: To me who loves dance, Step Up 4 is of course my favorite movie. And when I lisfen to Acoustic Café’s “For Your Tears” album, nothing comes to mind; I just cry.

Injun: I usually don’t watch sad movies but after watching I’m Going To Meet You, I wanted to really love someone right. And the first pop song I received lessons on was Luther Vandross’s “Superstar.” I receive harsh treatment from it so it remains in my memories.

Mika: Watching movies become a habit, but before, it was Three Idiots but nowaways, it’s About Time. And since I’ve begun to like band music, I’ll choose Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit.”

Source: STARAZ Magazine
Translator: master_0304 @ Cosmorion