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First off, I want to thank the five members’ parents for embracing us with their trust, our CEO, Park Haengryeol, for doing all he can to give us strength, president/chairman Han for giving us comfort of that of a father, and director Hyun for always kindly worrying about us!!! And also Hyoseob hyung and Jieun noona for crying and sniffling through everything with us!! And Eunkyung noona!! Congratulations on your wedding^^ and also producer Oh Junsung, Seoho hyung, Hyungjoong hyung, and Hanguk hyung for giving us such a great song!! And thank you to composer Lee Jaehyun also ^^ and thank you to the W Purify staff and our stylists for our clothes!! Please take care of us from now on also!! And to director Han Youngshin, who made us such a nice MV, I love you^^ and also thank you to Jangnam hyung for guiding us and Ahn Hyomin for choreographing our songs! And to the members who have gone through all sorts of hardships together, you know I always want to be with you guys, right??^^ it may be boring and annoying but let’s live together a little bit longer keke and thank you to my friends who gave me strength and said such nice words to me^^ and my hometown friend who is always worried about me, Inmo!! I miss you!! And to my younger brother Donghoon, who’s practicing his heart out singing, I’m rooting for you! I hope you fulfill a better dream than hyung^^ and lastly, to the ones who made it possible for us to live in this joy, Masters, it’s hard for me to express but I really love you!! I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart!! And so we can show even better sides of us, I will forever hold onto my efforts and passion. Thank you.


First and foremost, I want to thank the members. We’ve been through so much but you guys are forever friends amd members! And thank you to CEO Park Haengryeol for pulling us through. And thank you to director Hyun Junho, Hyoseob hyung, and Jieun noona, and congratulations on your wedding, Eunkyung noona!! Thank you to everyone who helped us produce this album! Oh! And thank you president/chairman Han ~ who helped in extracting my wisdom tooth^^ lastly, thank you to my family who trusted in their son’s life and my Wolpo (t/n: Wolpo is a beach in Hyunmin’s hometown – Pohang) friends!! I love you guys and let’s stay strong!! And lastly, my love, Masters! Thank you for waiting!!


We’ve made it past several struggles before the release of this album. If it weren’t for the many nice people and the members, it would have been too hard for me to make it through and it made me think once again I’m a really lucky person to have all these wonderful people near me.. first off, I want to thank CEO Park Haengryeol for giving us another chance. And thank you to Poom Ent.’s director Hyun Junho, team leader Jung Jieun, section cheif Shin Hyoseob, Yeon Eunkyung noona, and our manager Youngseok and Jisoo. Everyone worked really hard and thank you so so much. And to president/chairman Han Seungmyung, I will repay you by worker harder. To everyone who looked forward to this album and to Masters, we will become a The BOSS that won’t disappoint you. The BOSS hwaiting!


Thank you to our fans, Masters, for waiting so long for us for 2 years. We rushed this album preparations but thanks to everyone who helped us, I think it turned out to be a really great album!! Thank you to CEO Park Haengryeol, the Poom Ent staff, all the composers who created our songs, producer Oh Junsung, Iconic Sound’s composer Lee Jaehyun, and Hanguk hyung!!! Shintto hyung and Hyunjoong hyung, thank you!! And director Han Youngshin who took really great photos for us! You’re the best! And the ones who helped give us a nice choreography, Jungnam hyung and Ahn Hyomin! Thank you! And thank tou my parents who were always on my side!!! And my younger sister whom I love! And my friends Yoosungie, Hyoyi noona, Eunhyejjang, Hayana, and all the friends who bought me coffee and talked with me!!! And all my noonas and hyungs!!!! I will work harder to fly higher throught this album. I love you!


We’re releasing an album after a long 2 years. We worked that much harder for it, and we have that much more of an attachment to it. CEO Park Haengryeol♡ who helped us through the difficult times, president/chairman Han Seungmyung♡ director Hyun Junho♡ Jieun noona~♡ Hyoseob hyung~♡ Eunkyung noona~♡ Jisoo~♡ who’s younger than I am. Thank you so much; I love you^^ and producer Oh Junsung for devoting himself to giving us such a nice song! And Iconic Sounds and composer Park Hyunjoong, thank you~ and director Han Youngshin who who filmed us really well! And W Purify staff and our stylist noonas! Thank you~ and our members, I love you and you guys have been through a lot^^ Mom, dad, I love you^^ and Masters, you know how I feel, right? I love you^^

Source: The BOSS’s 2nd mini album Chapter II
Translator: master_0304 @ Cosmorion