After a good two years away from K-pop, The Boss returns this winter with their second mini-album Chapter II. The comeback indeed marks a new chapter for members Mika, Karam, Hyun Min, In Jun and Jay, who have weathered their share of changes and challenges together since even before the formation of The Boss.

Debuting in 2010, The Boss has mainly focused their career in Japan in the last three years. They’re finally active in Korea again with the new title song Why Goodbye, a smooth dance number that brings forth a more mature sound and image for The Boss.



Q: Introduce your new mini-album and title song.

The Boss’s second mini-album Chaper II is our comeback album in Korea after two years of overseas activities. It’ll make you feel that The Boss has matured inside and out. We received the full support of acclaimed soundtrack composer Oh Joon Sung, who composed the Master’s Sun OST song Touch Love, as well as hit composer Crazy Park, who worked on Sistar’s “Alone,” and top music team Iconic Sounds who has worked with well-known artists like Amuro Namie and TVXQ. As a result, the album could be completed with such depth.

The title song Why Goodbye was made especially for The Boss by Oh Joon Sung. The song’s strong yet sorrowful melody conveys the appealing voices and different charms of the five members. Also the lyrics expressing the pain of separation match The Boss’s characteristic voices, so the feelings of pain and sorrow are delivered to audiences perfectly. You can feel The Boss’s more mature and masculine charisma through this song.



Q: What was the most memorable part of the album making process?

Since we’re releasing an album after a long time, we wanted to express The Boss’s unique character. We spent a lot of time and effort selecting the title song and even after we finished recording, we’d repeat the recording again and again. Most of the album’s song went through recording over two times. Also the members were involved with choreographing We Are Together and “What Are You.”



Q: What are your plans and goals?

As we’re returning to the domestic stage after a long time away, we want to participate in different promotional activities. We hope to arrange some live stages so that there are chances for fans to meet and enjoy our songs. Rather than becoming #1, we will strive to be singers who enable everyone to enjoy their time together.


Q: What has changed since becoming singers?

It is an unbelievable thing in our lives that there are people around the world who support and recognize us. Therefore we think we should work harder for the fans who are watching us. This is our responsibility in choosing to become singers, and it is our duty as singers. We will make more and more fans know The Boss, and we’ll try our best to pay back their love.


Q: Leave a message for overseas fans!

We thank all the fans who have unconditionally supported and waited for us. It is with your support that we’re able to release albums and meet onstage. We hope that we have more chances to meet overseas fans. Despite the distance, we always feel your support. We will meet you soon – please hold on until then.


Source: YumCha! Editorial Team @ YesAsia