20160716 Summer Special Live Setlist

2016 Summer Special Live Setlist

A/N: This will be a generalized fanreport since the contents for both the noon & evening live are pretty much the same especially the mc parts. i’ll note down whatever i can remember because they are all just basically playing around as usual.



  • Karam asked the members their favorite song then the members went on to saying that at the beginning of Admiring Boy, Jay’s choreo involved him lying down on the floor but in this live he didn’t. Jay said that he didn’t lie down because the fans who were watching from the back might not be able to see him so he tilted his upper body instead.
  • Before the solo parts, Karam & Injun introduced their cover song titled “Drunken Truth.” They explained that they chose this song while singing at a karaoke and practiced (while drinking alcohol) for 6+ hours with just the two of them. To their defense (because the fans were like “eeeeeh~” when they said that they practiced the song for 6 hours), they said that of course, they sang other songs like TWICE’s “Cheer Up” then suddenly Injun imitated the famous “Shy shy shy” line, which gained squeals from the fangirls. This part was ultimate bromance since Injun said that “Yeah, we usually go to karaokes while holding hands like this.” and held Karams hand. It was a long MC for the both of them but they sang in perfect harmony.
  • Next was Jay’s solo. He danced to a Justin Bieber song which, he explained, he fell in love with after hearing it for the first time. He chose the song and worked on the choreograph until the wee hours of the morning and even until gaining praises from the staff and co-members. Sexy dance, guys, do you know how much I was holding myself because I’m fangirling alone?
  • Mika sang This Love by Maroon 5. Compared to his other solo stages, I think Mika chose a song that’s not damaging to his throat. During the Live House Tour, he sang ONE OK ROCK and just tired out his vocals to the extent that the members helped him sing during the stage in Osaka. Mika said that he used to sing This Love with the members. Injun asked him, “How does it feel singing alone now?” To which he replied with a serious face, “It’s hard,” earning a wild laughter from everyone.
  • Remember Hyunmin tweeting “U Ready?” That was the title to his self-composed solo stage featuring Injun and Jay. He explained that if Karam, Mika & Jay are called “Popsicle,” there’s also him, Injun & Jay with “Papillon.” This stage was so lit. It was the first time I ever heard Hyunmin rap and he was so good at it. If you’re watching Show Me The Money Stages, it felt like that. Even Injun and Jay had to rap. It was a really good party song suitable for the venue because it was held in a small club and we all had complementary drinks. Hyunmin composed the melody, Injun with the lyrics and Jay with the choreography and overall, I was just amazed.
  • After the stages, DGNA covered a classical JPop titled “Sekaijuu no Dare Yori Kitto” (original by wands; it’s a really good song!) Then Injun said, “We decided to sing this song for fans of all ages–even the older ones– to enjoy.” And the fans were reacting, “Injun don’t mention we’re old!!” We all had a good laugh and Injun was really trying to save himself. Hahaha
  • They talked about going to Ueno Zoo (Japan’s famous zoo and if you’re visiting Japan, it’s recommendable. The animals are treated very well and the facilities are really top-notch. Cute animals, too). Apparently, they had fun watching the apes, monkeys and of course, the gorillas. They also shared that they had a Japanese slip as they wanted to say “Brother” which in Japanese is “bra-za-” but they ended up pronouncing it as “bra-ja” which is the Japanese for brassier. Mika suddenly folded his arms across his chest as if covering it and the fans were just really laughing so hard.
  • Hyunmin’s microphone broke midway so he had to exchange it for the wired one. But since they had to do choreography, he had to compromise. He said, “I will just remain here because this is where majority of my fans are.” to which Karam and Injun protested, “How about the fans over here??!?” To solve the problem, he said, “I will just pass at the back, then, so that everyone will be entertained.”
  • Encore was Stumble Stumble. DGNA said it has been so long since they performed this on stage that they forgot the choreography. To remember the dance, they watched their previous stages but they complained that the camera would usually pan to their faces, making the choreography unseen. Eventually, they remembered. Mika commented that he was really skinny back then.
  • Hyunmin said that he was recently complimented for how high he jumps and suddenly, DGNA was in for a jumping game. Since of course Mika was silent as always, he was picked to compete with Hyunmin. Mika’s reaction was priceless and he was like, “Why me of all people?” but he did it, and jumped as high as Hyunmin anyway which afterwards, he didn’t spring up and instead dropped to the grown because no more stamina hahaha
  • DGNA talked about how they prepared for the live. On the day of the live, Mika and Injun were up early when Mika suddenly came up to Injun and said, “It’s done.” Injun wondered and it turned out Mika just boiled water for their tea. Hyunmin, as usual, woke up late. They were scheduled to depart at 10:10 AM but Hyunmin woke up at 10AM, so to challenge him, DGNA made a 4 vs 1 bet. If Hyunmin woke up earlier than the other 4, he would film them sleeping and put it up on Instagram. If Hyunmin woke up late again, the other 4 will film him sleeping and put it up on their Instagram, thus the sleeping DGNA on Hyunmin’s Instagram last Sunday.
  • Mika was silent but his actions were certainly funny. He would place his towel on top of his face and look up with his back bent and would stay like that for a couple of seconds. Then, he would go to the side to where the aircon’s blowing and would just cool himself down. Hyunmin even said, “If I do what Mika’s doing, I would look like I’m not motivated to do the live but if Mika does, everyone thinks he’s cool.”
  • On the night live, Injun said, “Guys, we have a very important announcement to make.” He said it about 3 times and on the third, he paused for more than 5 seconds, earning a loud reprimand from Karam, “HURRY UP AND SAY IT UGH” Injun announced the September live.
  • Contents of the September live according to DGNA: Live band (maybe, finally), a lot of cover songs, premium fanmeeting, Hyunmin’s composed songs

Ok guys i think this is it. i can’t remember things anymore. time flew so fast. i’m still coping with my dgna separation anxiety.
i hope we could all get the chance to meet them soon!