About the Project: 

Hello, International Masters! I just thought that we could give a little something for the boys this summer and also since the upcoming fanmeeting is for Mika, Karam & Hyunmin’s birthdays. Show DGNA how much you support and love them!


Masters from around the world will be asked to send fan lettersmessage cardfan art, and/or fan sign. Entries, along with individual birthday messages by Masters to Mika, Karam & Hyunmin, will be compiled to a scrapbook which will be sent to DGNA on their fanmeeting day this upcoming 18th of July 2016.

Details of the Contents:
  1. Fan Letters: Maximum of 200 words. Write a heartfelt letter to DGNA.
  2. Message Cards: Maximum of 100 words. Write words of encouragement and support in the form of creative writing such as poems. Quotes are also welcome.
  3. Fan Art: Entries should be A4 in size or smaller.
  4. Fan Sign: Take a selfie with the slogan “대국남아 화이팅!”

Fan Letters and/or Message Cards will be compiled in one page alongside your Nickname and Country, and personal photo if opted to submit. Fan Arts and Fan Signs will be made into a collage on a separate page. Individual birthday messages to Mika, Karam & Hyunmin will be compiled in another section.

*Note: You may choose to send at least one content mentioned above or submit entries for all. Furthermore, entries containing personal information such as addresses and telephone numbers will be omitted, so please refrain from including them in your entries.

How to Join:

Simply click the link (http://goo.gl/forms/3uRO0IC6yz1kz4cN2 ) and fill out the online form, click Submit at the bottom of the page after confirming the contents, and you’re good to go!


15th July 2016, 23:59 JST (GMT + 9:00)

If you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to mention or send me a DM through Twitter (click here).