We’ve been through a lot. Our members are young and soft-hearted. Within these 6 years.. is the story of five boys maturing.. it can’t be explained in words, but DGNA’s existence today was not something granted to us that easily. Or name week soon say it all. During that time, we fought a lot, laughed a lot, cried a lot, regretted, hurt a lot, and gained many fans. We worked with many staff members and separated from many and met many.
That’s how we grew, and we made a lot of memories during that time span. In a way, my heart aches… because I can’t remember everything thing that happened. Remembering everything that happened for 2190 days is impossible.. and with memories… as time passes, they become cloudy… and there are times when those memories become meaningless in your mind with no sense of reality to them. Everyone!!! If you want to remember all of your memories~ write a diary so you can look back on then. ^^* A diary will soon become a time machine! I am most thankful of our fans who always cheer us on.

Source: @mr.mpm on Instagram
Translator: master_0304 @ Cosmorion