DGNA’S 6th year aniversary…
Tomorrow marks the start of our 7th year..
Time really flies… our debut on March 4, 2010 seemed like a dream.
“Admiring Boy,” “Stumble Stumble,” “Anyone.. No One,” “I’ll Love You Until It Snows One Summer Day,” “Lady,” “Who Are You?,” “Why Goodbye,” “Rilla Go!” and the 20 side tracks along with our 60+ Japanese songs… All of a sudden, there are almost 100 songs under our name.. including the songs we weren’t able to perform on stage.. I learned that if you have a goal, bothersome things will disappear!! If I continue to do my best like I have until now, brighter days will come my way! Because of our fans who continue to cheer us on, we’re still able to have a stage and a sense of reward.
I’m really thankful for the members, who are like family to me, for believing in each other and holding on through all of our many hardships. To our fans whom we love and the countless staff members, thank you and I love you.

Source: @injun339 on Instagram
Translator: master_0304 @ Cosmorion