Ah.. I really think I’m going to die of starvation…. I want to just quickly go to sleep.. It’s past midnight and I really want to get rid of this hunger. I should have just slept right after I got back from exercising. I should have gone to sleep when I was tired. Why did I throw such a fit to go exercising early today to end up unable to fall asleep…. I drank a bunch of water and keep having to go to the bathroom further preventing me from falling asleep. If I didn’t become a singer, I’d probably be living as a pig right now. Ah there’s a devil’s tongue jelly in the refrigerator. I really want to go put it in my mouth, but if i eat that, I’ll definitely have to go to the bathroom more. And filling myself with that disgusting devil’s tongue jelly will make me mad, so it’ll probably stress me out…. wait, no, I’m already stressed out. Ugh, I’m drinking more water, and it looks like I’m going to have to use the bathroom even more now ha…. chicken, pizza, ramyun, naengmyun, pig feet, jjajangmyun, tangsooyook, jjamppong, instant jjamppong…. fuck instant jjamppong…. I’m thinking of when my mother came home earlier today with groceries and how I saw the instant jjamppong showing slightly through the plastic bag.. I’m thinking of the ramyun we store in the kitchen pantry next to the air filter….




Translator: master_0304 @ Cosmorion

Source: Mika’s Official Facebook