DGNA member Injun’s emotion-filled vocals and A-Daily’s charming rap will be collaborating for a medium-tempo, ballad “Again, My Words” to express feelings of missing a lover who has left. The song has a warm, acoustic intro with guitar and piano which that into a hip-hop feel and rhythm in combination with an orchestra, complementing the message of the song, Injun’s vocals, and Zi-u’z rap.
The song integrates outstanding vocals with rap in a harmony to show the unique characteristics of both groups, DGNA and A-Daily. The lyrics go in detail with the emotions felt by the lover and illustrate the soft yet sharp feeling of yearning for someone.

The song was composed by a performance composing duo Park Jihoo and Park Jihwan who have previous written songs for Dal-Shabet, Minx, AAA, and Yu-a. They have done everything in their ability to make sure the song is of quality level for Injun and Zi-u.

Source: A-Daily’s official fan cafe
Translator: master_0304 @ Cosmorion