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[TRANSLATION] Hyunmin’s 6th Year Aniversary Message

We’ve been through a lot. Our members are young and soft-hearted. Within these 6 years.. is the story of five…

[TRANSLATION] Injun’s 6th Year Anniversary Message

DGNA’S 6th year aniversary… Tomorrow marks the start of our 7th year.. Time really flies… our debut on March 4,…

[TRANSLATION] Mika’s Facebook Post

Ah.. I really think I’m going to die of starvation…. I want to just quickly go to sleep.. It’s past…

[TRANSLATION] “Again, My Words” Lyrics

[TRANSLATIONS] “Do or Die” by Injun (ft. Jucy)

“Do or Die”

[TRANSLATIONS] Rilla Go! Thanks To Messages

Thanks To Messages


[TRANSLATIONS] Rilla Go! Lyrics

[TRANSLATION] Injun – “U Know Me?”

Hey. Uh huh. Hey motherf*cker, you know me. Yep.어린!나이에탓던 차는 외제차빤히!난 주윌밨어 모두눈길쫙나이!로 먹고가네 난웃으이싹그땐몰랐지 가오 빠지는건 딱질색 웃길세The car…

[TRANSLATIONS] Injun’s Self-Written/Composed Rap

[TRANSLATIONS] Injun’s self-written lyrics for Masters in his cover of Eddy Kim’s “2 Years Apart”

[Translation] 140429 Daikoku Danji Concert in Tokyo Talk Parts

Initial greeting: J: I wanted to meet everyone. did you want to meet? did you? (audience reacts) I do too….

[TRANSLATION] 140104 The BOSS on Sukira

140104 Sukira

[TRANSLATION] The BOSS’s Comeback Story

The BOSS’s Why Goodbye Comeback Story

[TRANSLATION] The Boss’ Interview in CeCi Thailand Magazine (January 2014)

DO NOT TAKE THIS TRANSLATION OUT FROM THIS SITE They haven’t come to our country for a long time. What’s…

[TRANSLATION] The BOSS on Winny K Star Magazine (JAN Issue)

The Boss, who became popular at Japan? comes back to Korea after 2 years and it’s exactly what fans have…

[TRANSLATION] The BOSS’s Interview with STARAZ

I’m Still Hungry, There’s No ‘Goodbye’ Again Maybe they’re remembering 2002’s song “I’m Still Hungry” that touched all of our…

[TRANSLATION] Chapter II Thanks To’s

Thanks To Translations

[TRANSLATION] Karam’s Message on Official Fancafe

Title: Hi?? Hi?? Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk I’m writing this because it suddenly came to mind hehe hehe hehe hehe The weather has…

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