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[INFO] Jay’s Upcoming Movie, “Good Friends”

Synopsis: “What did we do to come this far?” Three men standing at the edge of loyalty and doubt. A…

[NEWS/TRANS] So Chanhee, Lee Jung, and The BOSS to sing Kim Heungkook’s 2014 World Cup Cheer Song

The stars to sing Kim Heungkook’s cheer song, “Samba World Cup,” for the 2014 Brazil World Cup have been announced.

[TRANSLATION] 140104 The BOSS on Sukira

140104 Sukira

[NEWS] The BOSS’s Mika and Injun to Take Part in the Musical “The Bachelor’s Vegetable Shop”

The BOSS’s Mika and Injun in the musical “The Bachelor’s Vegetable Shop”

[TRANSLATION] The BOSS’s Comeback Story

The BOSS’s Why Goodbye Comeback Story

[TRANSLATION] The BOSS on Winny K Star Magazine (JAN Issue)

The Boss, who became popular at Japan? comes back to Korea after 2 years and it’s exactly what fans have…

[TRANSLATION] The BOSS’s Interview with STARAZ

I’m Still Hungry, There’s No ‘Goodbye’ Again Maybe they’re remembering 2002’s song “I’m Still Hungry” that touched all of our…

[TRANSLATION] Chapter II Thanks To’s

Thanks To Translations

[TRANSLATION] Karam’s Message on Official Fancafe

Title: Hi?? Hi?? Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk I’m writing this because it suddenly came to mind hehe hehe hehe hehe The weather has…

[TRANSLATION] Karam’s Message on Happiness Cafe

Title: Hi~~^^   The weather’s gotton cold and it’s been snowing so be careful not to catch a cold!!!!!! Be…

[TRANSLATIONS] The BOSS’s Interview on The Bridges

The BOSS in Thai Magazine The Bridges   T/N: Parts omitted – About Thailand-Korea Friendship Festival and introduction of who…

[TRANSLATION] Mika’s Message on Official Fancafe

Title: Hello Everyone ^^   It’s been a while, hasn’t it?? The other members must be too busy and can’t…

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