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[TRANSLATION] Hyunmin’s 6th Year Aniversary Message

We’ve been through a lot. Our members are young and soft-hearted. Within these 6 years.. is the story of five…

[TRANSLATION] Injun’s 6th Year Anniversary Message

DGNA’S 6th year aniversary… Tomorrow marks the start of our 7th year.. Time really flies… our debut on March 4,…

[TRANSLATION] Mika’s Facebook Post

Ah.. I really think I’m going to die of starvation…. I want to just quickly go to sleep.. It’s past…

[TRANSLATION] “Again, My Words” Lyrics

[NEWS] DGNA’s Injun and A-Daily’s Zi-u Collab

[NEWS] DGNA Plans to Have a Comeback with a Ballad

Shortly after ending “Rilla Go!” Promotions, Poom Entertainment has announced news of DGNA planning to kick off the new year…

[TRANSLATIONS] “Do or Die” by Injun (ft. Jucy)

“Do or Die”

[TRANSLATIONS] Rilla Go! Thanks To Messages

Thanks To Messages

[TUTORIAL] How to vote for The BOSS for Show Champion

HOW TO REGISTER ON MBCPLUS TO VOTE Click here to get to the sign up page. When you get to the…


[TRANSLATIONS] Rilla Go! Lyrics

[TRANSLATION] Injun – “U Know Me?”

Hey. Uh huh. Hey motherf*cker, you know me. Yep.어린!나이에탓던 차는 외제차빤히!난 주윌밨어 모두눈길쫙나이!로 먹고가네 난웃으이싹그땐몰랐지 가오 빠지는건 딱질색 웃길세The car…

[TRANSLATIONS] Injun’s Self-Written/Composed Rap

[TRANSLATIONS] Injun’s self-written lyrics for Masters in his cover of Eddy Kim’s “2 Years Apart”

[INTERVIEW] “Good Friends” Jeon Jihwan, Movie and The BOSS

Jay (Jeon Jihwan), maknae of the five member group, The BOSS, starred in the recent movie Good Friends as Joo…

[NEWS/INTERVIEW] [From the Café] Jeon Jihwan, “I often hear I resemble Joo Jihoon sunbae.”

Even though they resemble each other, they resemble each other too much. Single eyelids, narrow eyes, lean and sharp nose,…

[NEWS/INTERVIEW] Little Joo Jihoon, Jeon Jihwan. “Even though I had a fever of 40°C (104°F) during filming…”

“I am actor Jeon Jihwan, not The BOSS’s Jay.”

[NEWS] Joo Jihoon Resembles The BOSS’s Jay. “Jay May Be Upset.”

Joo Jihoon mentions The BOSS’s Jay (Jeon Jihwan). During a recent interview by Star N with Joo Jihoon about his…

“Good Friends” Joo Jihoon’s Character’s Younger Actor, Idol Group The BOSS’s Member, Jay

The actors with the role of Jisung’s, Joo Jihoon’s, and Lee Gwangsoo’s characters’ younger selves have shown highly synchronized acting…

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